Drawing is the only medium of architecture that can challenge physical limitations by completely ignoring them. Gravity, time, direction are all at the creators’ discretion or interpretation.

Allowing oneself to study conventions from within architecture’s visual voice — drawing. Not taking anything for granted, knowing certain inert tools are not appropriate for the task at hand. Allowing us the ability to step away, create a new space, and discover. Not starting from scratch, not trying to be original, only trying to find some place safe, to stop — look and stare into the mirror, waiting and wondering, what is staring back, is it what we expected, or can we walk through the mirror to find a whole new world beyond. 

“Sometimes I wonder if breaking in would be easier if I could climb in through a window in the floor, at least I wouldn’t have to bring a ladder to climb or worry about falling and hitting the ground; but then again, if the floor isn’t there and I fall, I am not sure if the falling would ever stop at all.”

These sheets of paper, with ink, graphic, and lines are attempting to discover the space in which we would land, somewhat recognizable and yet completely foreign, rather clear and yet obtuse to an extreme and yet exhilarating because discovering is always more exciting than knowing.

Part of body of research pertaining to graphics, audience and semiotics in relation to architectural conventions.