In philosophy it is always good to put a question instead of an answer to a question. For an answer to the philosophical question may easily be unfair; disposing of it by means of another question is not.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Working through Italian theorist, historian and critic, Manfredo Tafuri, specifically, his introduction to the “The Historical Project,” ENDNOTES looks to the concept of architecture as discipline, speculative polemic and method of questioning and the tools in which these are pursued, the text and image as a starting point for conceptual fragmentation and reassembly. 

ENDNOTES looks to understand the potentiality of fragmenting these concepts by instigating a potential fusion between the discourse (text) and design (image) whose separation has only increased since their explosive separation in the 1960’s, causing rifts through the discipline and its pedagogy.

Manfredo Tafuri uses the concept of a fragmented image (jig-saw puzzle) and its ever too easy, precut, assembly as a sign of the minds blind conformity to the ‘expected’ and possible reasoning of the discipline’s culmination into a stalemate of progress / invention. 

ENDNOTES looks to fragment, assemble and re-fragment these modes of representation and critically through a series of scaleless textual imageries, provoking the fusion between the discourse (text) and design (image). as a means to formulate chaos thus allowing for an emergence of constantly anew array of forgotten, muted and buried questions and new strategies for pursuit.