summer 2017



Generations of past have long solidified and extended their disciplinary relevance by the continuous appropriation of the generations that follow and yet, over time, none of their appropriated gestures are destined to become expansive, none of their ideas generous, revolutionary or far-reaching. To them, their ideas, events, real or fictitious will be only destined to allow them to relate to a swarm of similar concepts in which they were not a part of —absentee events. They have solely seen and viewed these events as desperate means to justify and reassure their own.


Today, our discipline’s reach has spread and bleed into an unlimited plethora of others with zero hesitation or conflict, i.e., film, art, philosophy, curation, theory, and literature to name a few and yet previous generations attempt to reach with bloodied fingernails to pursue blinded relevance. They simultaneously declare the death of such discipline, they declare it is in jeopardy of contemporary relevance and yet, we have no objection to them holding onto the reigns of their faulty, and taxidermied version of the discipline.


Architecture does not ask “what is Architecture?” but instead asks, “What is not Architecture?” Architecture attempts to map, understand and display where today’s architecture’s lineage flows from. With little, to no interest in its fictional historical narrative, virtues, or blind declarations of decline, worry or rupture, Architecture looks to bring forward the objects, images and epiphanies that constitutes today’s trajectories. Attempting to understand the lineage, inspiration and source material for today’s Architecture. Today we are surrounded by non-disciplinary bounded conversations, communication, and genres and through that, we look to authentically present and inventory, Architecture, nothing less, nothing more.


This is not a study of history.

This is not a study of style.

This is not a study of technique.

This is not a study of form.

This is not a study function.

This is not a study of isms.

This is not a study of architects.

This is a statement of Architecture.