Anthony Morey is a Los Angeles-based designer, writer, theorist and curator. Currently he is the Assistant Director at A+D Museum along with being a discussion moderator at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a Columnist at Archinect and an instructor at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. His work and research is invested in the tensions between text, psychology and image and their relationship to Architecture and Art.

Anthony is a Co-Founder and Chief Curator of A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (ONS-LA), an ongoing curation experiment in cultural representation along with it’s journal, Morning After. He is also a co-founder and editor in chief, of MASKS the Journal, a publication founded while at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that particularly focuses on the rifts between the subconscious and conscious tensions in the creative arts and the various tangencies within them. Anthony obtained his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) with Distinction, and his Masters in History and Philosophy of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

// January 2018

   Opening of gallery exhibition titled "Separation Anxiety"

// June 2017

    Opening of curated show at A+D Museum in Los Angeles

// May 2017

    Opening of ONSLA Last Call

// May 2017

    Opening of endnotes at Harvard Graduate School of Design

// April 2017

    MASKS invited to be on panel at Harvard University publication symposium.

// February 2017

    Anthony Morey to give Hyde Lecture at UNL 

// January 2017

    Anthony Morey begins "BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD" narrative based studio at UNL.

// January 2017

    Anthony Morey starts at UNL as Hyde Chair of Excellence 

// November 2016

    Launch of MASKS Issue:1 A quarterly journal of dissimulation in art | architecture | design

// October 2016

    Launch of Projecting Cambridge, an art projection exhibition on various institutional buildings

// October 2016

    Invited to participate in Harvard GSD Symposium on Architecture titled “Anachronometrics”

// September 2016

    Invited to participate in Harvard GSD Symposium on Architecture " All that is Solid..”

// August 2016

   Opening of BLIND DATE an installation @ Harvard Graduate School of Design

// August 2016

    Model acquired by Harvard Special Collections only one of 27 in their Permanent Collection

// May 2016

    Opening of "Rendezvous" a show by ONS-LA in Los Angeles, California

// Jun 2016

    Curation and formation of GAMES, a symposium on architecture and art @ Harvard GSD

// May 2016

    Launch of MASKS Issue:0 A quarterly journal of dissimulation in art | architecture | design

// January 2016

    Studio Teaching Fellow in READYMADE option studio along with Preston Scott Cohen @GSD

// January 2016

    Installation of Naive Design, a wall mural formed as a result of instruction of a seminar @ Harvard GSD

// January 2016

    Invited to become Hyde Chair of Excellence at UNL in 2017

// October 2015

    Installation and opening of Cloud Time Fantasy @ Forty K gallery in Cambridge, MA

// October 2015

    Piece published in SCIARC Off Ramp Journal // Lies

// October 2015

    Piece published in Project Archonic

// September 2015

    Piece published in Underscore Journal

// May 2015

    Opening of A One Night Stand for Art and Architecture LA a show by ONS-LA in Los Angeles, California