Architecture tends to point and communicate with itself through more than one final output. The drawings communicate to the physical model, the model is understood in the text and the text specifies things in the drawings which helps understand the totality of the project. 3-Ways was conceptualized by as a series of conversations on how to create a platform for plan, section, and elevation to communicate with each other at a 1:1 scale within the museum.

A+D Assembly__Hans Koesters_28.jpg

3-Ways explores these themes of scale and communication through a series of projections by 30+ participating architects, designers, and artists. The sheer size of the structures being projected upon creates an immersive experience which draws the audience’s attention to these themes.

3-ways contained work from the following Contributors Abigail Hume, Alessio Grancini, Amir Karimpour, Brandon Kruysman, Casey Rehm, Chloe Brunner, Christine Robillard, Collin Cobia, Curtis Roth, Daniele Profeta, Dutra Brown, Ebrahim Poustinchi, Edwin Liu, Francisco Alarcon, Galo Canizares, Hans Tursack, Hans Koesters, Iheartblob, Jeff Halstead, Joel Kerner, Jonathan Proto, Karim Saleh, Keith Marks, Luciano Menghini, Lucy McRae, Majeda Alhinai, Maya Alam, Nate Hume, Neyran Turan, Polina Alexeeva, Rachael McCall, Roya Ramezankhani, Shane Reiner-Roth, Thomson Burry, Viola Ago, William Virgil, Yaohua Wang